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Video: Conor McGregor is Snowed in and Possibly Losing His Mind

Video: Conor McGregor is Snowed in and Possibly Losing His Mind

Storm Emma is currently covering Ireland in a blanket of snow, grinding the island to halt and trapping people in their homes.

But that might not be the only snow hitting Eire.

Conor McGregor is on Snapchat acting all kinds of erratic. I’d breakdown what is happening here, but I literally have no fucking clue what is going on.

Can anyone help me decipher this insanity? I think someone named Roy or Rory challenged him to a fight, which Conor accepted in the most hilarious way possible. The next part has the hashtag #TG4 which I think refers to a local Irish boxing event, so maybe someone challenged him during that event?

Then, Conor is singing some kind of song, which I couldn’t identify if I was on Name That Tune and $1,000,000 was on the line. The video finishes with some familiar mirror flexing. That’s the Conor McGregor we know.

Basically, to review, McGregor gets into a verbal altercation, tunelessly sings a song, and stars at his own muscles in the mirror. But that’s not cocaine behavior at all.

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