New Video: Did Conor McGregor apologize to Khabib during the fight?

Conor McGregor apologize to Khabib

Did Khabib Nurmagomedov make Conor McGregor humble? Did Conor McGregor apologize to Khabib during their fight at UFC 229? Is rain falling up? Do cats now chase dogs?

Forget the UFC 229 brawl ending the sport of the MMA, if Mystic Mac really did say sorry to Khabib, we truly entered the end of days. It was nice knowing (most/some) of you.

Currently their is a debate raging on the MMA section of The Internet. Not if Mac got beat by Khabib but by how much did he get by? This is called changing the scoring system, adjusting the goal posts or however you want to Sunday Morning armchair coach.

This all weaves back into the question of did Conor McGregor apologize to Khabib during the third round of their UFC 229 fight. If Mac was really getting his ass kicked, why would say sorry for anything (or ting)? Or if Mac was on his way to making a comeback, after winning round three (tree), then why would he apologize to his Russian rival?

Something doesn’t add up.

Either way there is now video of what appears to be Mac showing some form of compassion towards Khabib. About what? Not sure. Did we really hear what we heard? Who knows. Does any of this make any sense? Kind of.

Forget what you know and listen closely to the audio from the end of round three of the UFC 229 main event.

“It’s only business.”

“Hey! Guess so.”

We are here for any and all of your UFC 229 conspiracy theories.

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