Video: Comedian and Eddie Alvarez fan Joey Diaz commentates on the end of UFC 205 with hilarious results

Okay, maybe Joey “Mad Flavor” Diaz isn’t really talking about Eddie Alvarez’s UFC 205 fight but he is definitely commenting on a Eddie Alvarez fight. Joey “Coco” Diaz could give a play-by-play breakdown of Alvarez eating his Captain Crunch and it would comedy gold. Diaz is a huge freaking Eddie Alvarez mark so to hear him talk about anything UFC 205 is worth a listen.

Thanks to the magic of the Internet we kind of have Diaz giving his real time thoughts on Alvarez getting soul snatched by Conor McGregor at UFC 205. And maybe it is just the audio of Joey Diaz freaking the fuck out of when Alvarez won the UFC belt back in July but all of Mad Flavor’s words still ring true to this day. You can say its fake but it’s real to us damn it and it’s real to Diaz.

Update: Diaz is pissed!!!

H/t to @El_ChapoMMA for the masterpiece

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