MMA Rundown

Video: Who cares what Meryl Streep thinks but this Streep speech-Conor McGregor presser mashup is gold

Art is subjective. Martial arts is an art form of the body and mind. And at the Golden Globe awards, acting GOAT Meryl Streep threw the sport of mixed martial arts into the a line of her acceptance speech on Sunday night.

Streep’s rant was directed at US president elect Donald Trump and for some reason during her rant, MMA and the NFL were included. Whatever, but this is 2017 and nothing said in a public forum ever just slips by with a “whatever”. The MMA Internet erupted when video of Streep’s speech was released online.

Who gives a fuck what Meryl Streep thinks about the sport we all love? Apparently everyone. In the war between MMA and the art of acting, in one corner will be Streep’s calm stoic delivery and representing human cage fighting will be Conor “freaking” McGregor yelling profanity and saying Mytsic Mac things into a hot mic.

Let the debate continue, thanks to this excellent mashup of Streep’s speech with McGregor cutting a press conference promo.

H/T to for the major league edit @Grabaka_Hitman