Video: Bob Sapp returns to kickboxing, cuts a promo and ends it with a haunting laugh

Bob Sapp is back in our lives and we don’t know how to deal with it. Is Sapp really returning to the world of kickboxing next month in France? According to an event called Fight Night Saint Tropez, Sapp is a featured attraction at their upcoming August 4th at the Citadel.

Holy shit Bob Sapp may be back hitting people in a ring!

Despite a 13 fight losing streak in MMA (yes, 13 Ls in a row), to his credit Sapp is on a whopping one fight win streak in the world of kickboxing. Sure it was a technical decision win. And sure it was against sumo wrestler Akebono. And sure Sapp’s win was in Rizin Fighting Federation, where everything is always on the up and up.

Will the streak live on? Watch out Sapp cut a pro wrestling promo about his upcoming fight and then try to be haunted by his maniacal laugh at the end of the video. Oh God that laugh. Hold us as we hide under our bed while the sound of Sapp’s laugh echoes in our brain.

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