Video: Bellator Alert. Big Van Vader challenges Chael Sonnen to a fight, says he’d spank him

Despite WCW and WWE legend Big Van Vader giving up 22 years to Chael Sonnen there is a part of our pro wrestling heart that would encourage Bellator to go ahead and make this fight. If Sonnen beats Tito Ortiz next month in his Bellator debut, he should earn a shot to be locked in a cage with Vader. Due to his past grappling accomplishments, Vader earns a bye to face Sonnen whenever he damn well pleases.

The Vader vs. Sonnen beef dates back to a time misunderstanding and a podcast appearance. Everything with Vader relates back to time and now he’s shooting on Sonnen. The video below is Vader’s response to Sonnen talking about him on his podcast. And Sonnen just didn’t talk about Vader he tried to bury him on the mic.

“Man this guy is a carny, flake, he was writing me like he was drunk, illiterate, or dumb, or just getting ready to set me up, right from the jump. When you ‘scumbag’ a guy like me, a known gangster, when you pull a move like that one me. You’re doing it to people all over town, right? This is just copy-and-paste and you see what comes back, then you move on with your day. I can’t kick his ass, because he’s a dinosaur.”

How can Vader ever respond to a Sonnen heel promo like that? Check Vader issuing a challenge to fight Sonnen. Bellator you know you want this.

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