MMA Rundown

Video: Because he’s an awesome lunatic Rory MacDonald wants to legalize headbutts in MMA again

This is Rory MacDonald with no filter. Freed from the shackles of the UFC PR machine, now that MacDonald is in Bellator he can be his true self. And to the surprise of absolute no one, beneath the cocoon MacDonald’s human skin is a Canadian Psycho.

While making the media rounds to promote his Bellator London fight with Paul Daley, MacDonald had a confession to make. No, not the type of confession made at 2:00 AM in an undisclosed location without the handcuffs of GPS tracking. MacDonald would like MMA to make headbutts legal again.

Ah the good old days of MMA when you could use your skull as a weapon to escape your opponent’s grappling attempts. Yes, let’s give Rory MacDonald more tools to injure his foes. Very good.

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