MMA Rundown

Video: Australian fighter Suman Mokhtarian pulls off MMA’s first crazy teepee choke submission win

Teepee choke submission?!? MMA history happening right before our very eyes! Mixed martial arts, for all its growing pains, is truly a global sport. At any given time, seven days a week, some random MMA event could be happening as you read this sentence.

Antarctica Fight Nights live from an underground frozen cage is more likely happening than not. Huge if true.

From over the weekend in Australia we have unbeaten fighter Suman Mokhtarian digging deep into his gi pocket for a submission that we have never seen before. Nearly thirty years of recorded no holds barred history have been cataloged, and we do not think we have ever seen a teepee choke submission. Check out Mokhtarian’s modified triangle teepee choke that was so good his opponent passed out immediately after hitting the tap out reset button.

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