MMA Rundown

Video: Did Anthony Rumble Johnson already hint at a comeback fight?

Middle Easy for once wasn’t the first MMA site to strap on a tin foil hat this weekend, but we were the first to outline the Anthony “Rumble” Johnson’s faux retirement.

And now thanks to The Brit Pack’s Chamatkar Sandhu, we got Rumble myself discussing a Jon Jones matchup just minutes after his “retirement’.  Turn your volume up, Rumble is mumbling…

It seems like Jon Jones and Rumble are acknowledging the potential of a comeback fight for Rumble against Jones. If successful, this mini-retirement, might be the smartest possible career move for Rumble. His value soars despite a loss, he doesn’t have to spend two years taking damage in fights that won’t make him money. Plus, he can wait until Jones claims his title and then walk into the biggest pay day of his career in two or three years. Particularly, if Jones retains and defends the title a few times and is in need of challengers.

Hats off to Anthony “Ruble” Johnson, playing these marks hard.

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