Video: Anderson Silva calls the UFC perfect bullshit, said he was promised GSP fight

We learned today that when Anderson Silva is pissed off he becomes 100% fluent in the English language. Seemingly out of nowhere today on The MMA Hour, Spider Silva channeled his inner Chael Sonnen and unleashed a scathing pipe bomb on the UFC and their matchmaking tactics. Silva feels disrespected and like many disenfranchised UFC legends before him he is making it very clear he does not like the new UFC ownership group.

It looks like the only way the UFC can make Silva happy again is to kiss the ring of the middleweight GOAT and then offer him a super-fight with Georges St. Pierre or an interim title fight with Yoel Romero. To sum up Silva’s interview today; fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, YOU’RE cool and fuck you, I’m out.

Check the full interview below

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