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Video: Alex Gustafsson head kicks his coach holding pads hard in practice, apologizes then laughs

Alex Gustafsson really needs to get back in the cage. About a month away from his headlining fight with Glover Teixeira, Gustafsson’s body is craving live contact. The need to strike human flesh is real and according to this training video Gustafsson’s body has taken the wheel.

Watch as Alex Gustafsson hits some pads with his coach, throws some punches, hit a kick or two then go for a spin kick that just misses the mark. Boom, right on the chin of the UFC light heavyweight’s unsuspecting coach. Or did it miss the mark? Check the video and slow-mo replay to try to decipher the exact moment Gustafsson’s body gets in the last word over his mind.

Coach Andreas has one hell of a chin. What you guys think? 😂

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