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Video: A likely insane Diego Sanchez trains his chin not to be KO’d with a helmet and animal sounds

No words. Just watch. Diego Sanchez doesn’t fight until next month. Sanchez will be on the undercard of UFC Fight Night 108 in Nashville. Standing across the cage will be Al Iaquinta. None of these “facts” matter because Sanchez is out here putting in work in the gym.

Not only is Sanchez in the middle of a 10 to 12 week training camp of his UFC fight but he’s dedicated a portion of his gym time to improving his chin hit points. Always a forward thinker, The Nightmare is specifically training his chin not to be knocked out. Yup. He really is.

Watch as Diego Sanchez pipes in lion roars and tiger growls through the Jackson MMA speakers while he wears a possibly (likely) homemade helmet and or mask to give his chin a punch-punch workout.

Bonus: ……………um yeah

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