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Video: 366 days ago McGregor stole Aldo’s soul, let’s watch the KO from 4 different angles at the same time

Here is your daily reminder that Conor McGregor is still the UFC’s real featherweight champion. Yes, Jose Aldo rose from the dead seven months after McGregor ethered him in 13 seconds. And yes, Max Holloway won the interim featherweight belt from Anthony Pettis at UFC 206.

But it still feels like yesterday (times 366) that McGregor shocked the world and won the UFC 145 pound title belt from Aldo at UFC 194. December 12, 2015 to be exact and 366 days later Conor McGregor’s knockout of Jose Aldo is still pretty damn decisive. While Team McGregor ponders their next move and Aldo likely fights Holloway next at UFC 208, let’s watch Conor punch a hole through Jose’s chin from four different camera angles synched up at the same exact time on a hypnotizing loop.