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Fight Video: Is 3 vs. 3 MMA fights the future of our great sport?

Fight Video: Is 3 vs. 3 MMA fights the future of our great sport?

To the MMA hipsters who were too good for 2 on 2 tag team MMA? Have you seen 3 vs. 3 MMA fights, because they truly are the best thing.

If our math holds up, 3 on 3 MMA fights are at least 300% than your typical one on one fight. Who among the major MMA promotions will stop being cowards and introduce the masses to Team MMA?

Once you watch a single 3 vs. 3 MMA fight. it’s hard to go back to regular old human cage fighting. Two highly trained, very skilled fighters, locked in a cage and asked to to fight one on one?



From the great country of the Philippines, Universal Reality Combat Championship or URCC for short, brings us Team MMA on the grandest stage. The grandest stage being that cage right over there. Just three randoms dudes versus three other random dudes and it equals just the dumbest fun.

The lowest common denominator is the gross foundation MMA was built upon. Down in the dirt and grime is where some of our sport’s best moments have taken place. Sure talking up the ‘martial arts’ part of MMA is great and all but don’t forget about the mixing.

Every wonderful combat sport recipe needs some good old fashioned mixing.

What better way to mix than having six fighters and two referees in the cage all at the same time? The best thing is no one has any idea of what they are supposed to be doing.

The Wright brothers, the first moon walk (on the moon or a Hollywood sound stage), Johannes Gutenberg’s printing press, and 3 vs. 3 MMA fights are the pillars of human evolution.

Enjoy the grandest cluster F below.

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