Marlon Vera Batters Rob Font In Five-Round War – UFC Vegas 53 Results (Highlights)

Vera earned a huge victory in his first main event following a unanimous decision win over Font at UFC Vegas 53.

Marlon Vera

A bantamweight headliner between Rob Font and Marlon Vera is taking place now (Saturday, Apr. 30, 2022) at UFC Vegas 53.

Round 1

Vera with a leg kick early. Font responds with a front kick to the body. Font lands a nice one two. Vera with a body kick. Font is very aggressive though and he is marching forward. He lands an uppercut. Font with some good dirty boxing in the clinch. Font is also landing body shots as Vera continues to shell up and eat strikes. Font starts to establish his jab. Font continues to back Vera up. Vera lands a body kick. Font is mixing in upper cuts. Vera with another body kick. He follows it up with a leg kick. The round comes to an end and it was clearly Font’s.

Round 2

Font lands a big left hook. Font follows it up with a front kick to the body. Font catches a body kick and lands an elbow, but Vera mocks him as he eats it. Vera with a spinning back kick to the body. He follows it up with a head kick that is partially blocked. Font is back to putting the pressure. He continues to throw volume, but Vera is also doing a good job blocking most strikes. Vera lands a solid jab. Font with a leg kick. Vera attacks the leg as well. Vera lands a huge body kick. Font is landing multiple straight rights. He connects with a combo soon after. Vera hurts Font with a lead hook! Font is looking for the takedown but Vera defends and lands big elbows. Font survives.

Round 3

Font has recovered well and continues to strike. However, there is a bit more caution now. Font is mixing things up with kicks to the body and leg. Vera is throwing back, though. Font lands a couple of jabs. Both fighters are striking in the pocket now. They clinch up momentarily. Font continues to rip the body and throw strikes. Vera connects with another body kick. Vera lands a nice left and follows it up with a knee to the head that rocks and bloodies Font. Just like the last round, Vera looks to finish the fight with elbows, but Font survives!

Round 4

Font continues to throw strikes. However, Vera is also throwing more. More of the same with Font throwing strikes and Vera blocking them while looking to land a big counter. Vera connects with a huge hook kick to the face! Font goes to the ground and is clearly hurt. Vera doesn’t look for the finish this time as he just decides to kick Font’s legs. The referee stands Font up. Vera misses a couple of spinning kicks. Font may have recovered from that big strike. Vera ends the round with a body kick and stares down a bloodied Font.

Round 5

Font starts the round aggressive by ripping the body. Font elbows him but Vera plays it off. Font lands a right hook during a combination. He’s backing Vera up against the fence, but Vera is still dangerous with his kicks as he just misses a front kick. He partially lands one soon after though. Vera with a solid jab. Font appears to have landed a good uppercut but Vera showboats and dances. Vera hurts Font again with a hook kick to the head! He decides not to go for the kill and celebrate as the fight ends.

Official Result: Marlon Vera defeats Rob Font via unanimous decision (48-47, 49-46, 49-46).

Check out the highlights below:

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