Paige Van Zant “Tricks” Fans with Social Media “Hiatus”

Paige Van Zant tricked her fans into thinking that she would be taking a break from social media, only to appear on Instagram less than 24 hours later.

Image via Instagram: @PaigeVanZant
Image via Instagram: @PaigeVanZant

PVZ has established herself as more than just a UFC fighter. She has grown into a multi-facet star, appearing on Dancing With The Stars, and getting her own Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. This, joined with a budding career as an Instagram model, leaves her with several opportunities outside of fighting. Which simply can not be said for many other fighters on the roster. However, recently Paige Van Zant has decided to take a social media hiatus. Or, a lack thereof. While her supporters were in a frenzy after her announcement, she’s already re-appeared on Instagram, “tricking” her followers. 

Van Zant is a huge star and recently inked a multi-fight deal with Bare Knuckle FC earlier in the year. The announcement came as a shock to many MMA fans around the world. Especially those who thought that Van Zant would never embark on such a dangerous journey. However, Paige has made it clear that she would prepare and train so that when the time comes for her debut, she’ll be ready.

Paige Van Zant Social Media Stunt

Recently, she pulled a stint that shocked her loyal supporters. In the past, Paige has stated that she makes more money on Instagam than she does fighting. However, one day ago, Van Zant said that she would be taking a break from social media.

Less than 24 horus later, Van Zant showed that she was just joking by uploading to the site. In true Paige Van Zant fashion, the selfies showcased her trademark “look at me, I’m quirky” personality. 

“Haha suckas. Did you miss me???.” wrote Van Zant on Instagram.

The Hunt for Attention 

While lighthearted, hopefully Van Zant doesn’t begin to resort to unnecessary antics. Last month, Paige dropped a Youtube video entitled “My Husband Gave me COVID.” Alwhile asking her fans for advice about what to do for the symptoms she faced, instead of calling a doctor or getting tested like a normal human. 

Whatever Van Zant does, hopefully it remains in good fun. Remember, nobody likes a clout chaser.

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