Paige Van Zant Bare Knuckle FC Debut Set for Super Bowl Weekend

Paige Van Zant will make her long awaited bare knuckle boxing debut as either a headliner or co-headliner on Super Bowl weekend.

Image via Instagram: @PaigeVanZant
Image via Instagram: @PaigeVanZant

Recently, it was announced that former UFC star Paige Van Zant will be heading to Bare Knuckle FC, a place where Middle Easy rumored her to go. Many fans of the sport were suspicious about Paige’s journey. However, Van Zant’s boxing coach expects the transition to be smooth and nearly seamless. While many expected a long developmental period to fine-tune her boxing, Van Zant is targeted to make her bare-knuckle FC debut around Super Bowl Sunday.

Van Zant is a huge star and inked a multi-fight deal with the promotion earlier in the year. The announcement came as a shock to many MMA fans around the world. Especially those who thought that Van Zant would never embark on such a dangerous journey. However, Paige has made it clear that she would prepare and train so that when the time comes for her debut, she’ll be ready. 

Van Zant BKFC Debut Announced

BKFC President David Feldman recently spoke with MMA Fighting. During the conversation, he revealed his rollout plan for Van Zant’s bare-knuckle debut.

“Yeah we’re going to do the Friday before the Super Bowl, right around the Super Bowl, where it’s going to be,” Feldman said. “It’s going to be a great event for us. We’re going to do Friday, Feb. 5, Paige VanZant, that will be her debut for us.”

Paige Van Zant Will Have High Marquee Slot in Bare Knuckle Debut

Next, he revealed that Paige will more than likely either headline the card, or be the main event. However, at the moment, the organization isn’t 100% sure about her marquee status. 

“She’ll definitely be in the top two [fights],” Feldman said. “Either the main event or the co-main event, we’re not 100 percent sure yet. It depends on who takes what fight. We’re going to know that in the next two or three weeks.

“Once we have that card completely solidified, we’ll make that decision, but she’s got to be near the top of it or at the top because she’s going to be in every combat sports headline around for that one. So we have to give her her due.”

Are fans excited for the bare-knuckle debut of Paige Van Zant? Or, should she train for a longer period of time?

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