(Video) Valentina Shevchenko Scoffs at Anyone Doubting Her Focus as Champion

Valentina Shevchenko shared that her focus has not shifted since becoming UFC Flyweight champion and that she works harder now, than ever.

Image of Valentina Shevchenko via Instagram: @bulletvalentina
Image of Valentina Shevchenko via Instagram: @bulletvalentina

Ask any fighter who has captured a world title and they will tell you the old cliche; “winning the title isn’t the hard part. Keeping the title is what’s difficult.” In recent years, MMA has seen title runs become shorter than the long reigns of the past from legends like Anderson Silva and Demetrious Johnson. Some say that once a fighter wins the belt, they take their foot off the gas. However, UFC Flyweight champion Valentina Shevchenko says that her focus as a champion has not diminished.

Valentina On Losing Focus As Champion

Valentina recently spoke with Ariel Helwani of ESPN MMA. During the conversation, the pair spoke about a host of topics including her knee injury, the evolution of 125 since she’s been gone, and Jen Maia. Furthermore, apart from MMA, they shared stories about the ukelele and Val’s custom gun collection.

“They think that when you reach some level and become champion, you start to slow down and your focus starts to lose. Or, you’re thinking about some different things. They’re speaking about the wrong person”, said Valentina.

“What I did from the beginning to become the UFC champion is not easy. I was a martial artist all my life. I’ve fought many different opponents. I know what it costs. I know how difficult it was to become a champion and I’m not going to lose it.”

Who Can Defeat “The Bullet”

Shevchenko may very well be the most dominant champion in the UFC at the moment. In a division full of hungry competitors, it appears as though none of them stand a chance against Valentina and her superior counter-striking. And, as if that enough, Shevchenko possesses an incredible ground game as well as a strong clinch. Will her next opponent in Jen Maia stand a chance? The Vegas odds say ‘no’ but anything is possible in MMA.

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