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Apparently USADA Drug Tested Urijah Faber During Birth Of His Child!

Apparently USADA Drug Tested Urijah Faber During Birth Of His Child!

USADA Reportedly Preformed Drug Test On Faber While Fiancee Was In Labor

The United States Anti Doping Agency (USADA) has done some fairly questionable things. However, they have stooped to a new low, with Urijah Faber.

Faber is making his return to action this weekend, at UFC Sacramento. This will be his first bout since he announced his retirement, in 2016. Despite this, it appears that he always intended to return to competetion.

This is evident in the fact that Faber never removed himself from the USADA testing pool. This means that there was no waiting period required before he comes back. Additionally, this resulted in random drug tests at all hours of the night and day.

However Faber’s fiancee, Jaslyn Ome, shared a crazy tale about USADA’s anti-doping antics. She spoke with Mark Raimondi about Urijah Faber returning to action, and spoke on a crazy incident involving USADA.

“Faber’s fiancée Jaslyn Ome told me she knew it was inevitable he would return to UFC, because he stayed in the USADA pool. In fact, USADA came to the hospital on the day their baby was born looking for a urine sample. With Ome in bed, in labor, Faber granted their request.”

Wait, what?

Okay USADA, we are all about clean sports around here. However, this seems like a big step over the line. It was one thing to watch Tim Kennedy shower, but this is too much.

In any case, Urijah Faber seems to have been pretty chill about the whole thing. After all, “The California Kid” is one of the most laid back dudes in all of MMA.

Urijah Faber takes on Ricky Simon in the co-main event, Saturday night, at UFC Sacramento.

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