Report: USADA tests Nick Diaz, he probably failed but there is hope for a UFC return

So you’re telling MiddleEasy there’s a chance. Nick Diaz hasn’t fought the entire time Donanl Trump has been President of the United States.

American Sniper was the number one movie at the box office the last time Diaz fought. Chris Weidman was the UFC middleweight champion the last time Diaz fought.

Times are a changing but since 2012, Diaz has fought three times and lost all three times. Quick math says that’s one fight every 28 months for the oldest Diaz bro.

Somehow Diaz is still only 35 years old and if he wants to, it feel like the UFC would welcome him back if he wanted to fight in 2019. Diaz doesn’t need MMA. The UFC doesn’t need Diaz. But why the hell not?

Let’s get weird with it.

Despite being inactive for nearly a decade, a new look into the USADA testing pool says Diaz was recently tested. Tested for?

Please don’t be weed. Please don’t be weed (x 1,000).

Okay, so why is the UFC sending their USADA overlords out to bug Diaz at the club? How did USADA even find Nick Diaz? Besides tracking his very public Instagram stories lol.

Are Diaz and UFC working on some handshake agreement? For the love of The Fight Gods did the UFC at least give Diaz heads up the drugs cops were coming to his door?

Why would Diaz even agree to USADA testing if he wasn’t curious about a comeback? The UFC owes MMA fans a Nick and Nate Diaz brothers card where they both fight on it. One more fight Nick? For the fans, for the culture.

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