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Urijah Faber really hates Ireland, and freckles, and red hair, but he’s OK with Conor McGregor

Urijah Faber really hates Ireland, and freckles, and red hair, but he’s OK with Conor McGregor

Urijah Faber sat down in a cluttered room at Team Alpha Male Radio one hour and ten minutes into the video below.  He spent the next hour eating food and barely avoiding contact with the white low-rise socks of the shoeless host.  If you put a man in that environment, even encourage him to talk with a mouth full of moo goo gai pan for sixty minutes, the law of averages predicts something absurd will eventually wriggle past his soy sauce drenched vocal chords.

At 2:19, Faber reflected on the legend-making potential of his fight with Frankie Edgar.

“I have the ability to go up and down in weight classes, the ability to fight the best guys in the world at multiple weight classes, and the ability to beat guys at that weight.  I just think it’s something that I have to do, man.  It’s something, you know, that makes the legends legends.”

And just a few minutes later, he insulted the entire country of Ireland.

First, he speculated that a fight with Conor McGregor would sell more than a second fight with Aldo because “he’s a lot more popular.”  Then he explained, “He’s got a whole nation of people that have nothing else to cheer for.”

The room was silent.  The absurd amount of clutter got pensive.  “Just one more question,” said a voice from a monitor.

“Thank God,” said the shoeless host.

And Faber continued, “This sport needs guys like Conor.  Conor’s not just a talker, he’s a great fighter.  He’s a guy that backs up what he says, and he’s making headlines.”

Then, despite his respect for that one isolated island-dweller, he piled on a bit more about at least half the nation of Ireland.

“Especially for Ireland.  I’ve seen some hot Irish women, but all the dudes over there are pretty mangled lookin’.  Conor just not having freckles and bright red hair makes him like a super male model over there.  So the ability to not have freckles and bright red hair steps his game up tremendously in Ireland.  So they’ve got a hero.”

But the important thing is that Urijah really respects Conor McGregor and he has no plans to slap any freckles off his Irish face.  Not because he doesn’t plan to fight him.  The freckles just don’t exist, unfortunately.

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