Urijah Faber puts his finger in Francisco Rivera’s eye socket, gets the W

It’s not like Urijah Faber meant to shove his finger deep into Francisco Rivera’s eye, no. But it happened. Mario Yamasaki didn’t see the foul, and thus the fight went on, where Urijah Faber would put Rivera into a big brother choke (almost the second bulldog of the night) and make Rivera tap. Will this fight get turned over into a NC (No Contest) we may never know (we will) but from my view, hopefully it will.

Sure, I like Urijah Faber as much as the next guy, and I kinda dig the idea of him and Dominick Cruz fighting for the third time, finally. The idea of Faber once again getting a title fight in 2015 is also pretty cool, considering he’s 35-years-old and has yet to be defeated in non-title fights, so I accept this. Damn it, no one else is grabbing the reins and making stars of themselves, so I’m happy to cheer for Urijah for another year or so. 

But that eye poke. Sure, Urijah is a nice guy, but when you shove your fingers into someone’s face, how can that not be intentional? I’ve been punched in the face enough times without getting poked in the eyes to wonder about this type of finish. Hmmm.

Replay by JagHarReddit.

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