Video: Guy Calls in to a Urijah Faber Podcast Doing a TJ Dillashaw Impression Which Causes Faber to Tell-All

A “mystery man” called in to one of Team Alpha Male’s podcasts pretending to be TJ Dillashaw. Well, it actually sounded more like some old lady, but the intention was to be the “snake in the grass” that is the center of so much controversy in the Urijah Faber, Duane Ludwig, Cody Garbrandt drama rhombus. As bad as the impression was, it caused Faber to open up about Dillashaw and Ludwig and even Conor McGregor.

    The California Ki- well, nearly 40-year old man, talks about how McGregor actually used details Faber told in private for fuel on the show. He even compares Ludwig to a “pimp, cult leader’ and an ‘abusive husband’. Damn. …And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Throughout the whole 11-minute video, Faber talks about Dillashaw’s anger problems, training, politics and even about the very real Garbrandt / Dillashaw knockout footage.

    Holy shit. …What ever happened to not talking about Fight Club?

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