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UFC Undisputed is out NOW!

UFC Undisputed is out NOW!

At 1:20am eastern, Cheick Kongo beat Brock Lesnar for the 32nd time in a row and only now can I sleep peacefully. There were other fights actually. Rich Franklin lost 6 times to The Spider and Cro Cop beat every heavyweight in the UFC within the course of an hour. Eventually I passed out on my sofa at around 4am but was awakened by my (semi) functioning alcoholic neighbor asking me where his cat was. Hopefully his cat is shoved up every orifice he possibly has. 

UFC 2009 Undisputed is like an Aztec altar but instead of organs and virgins being sacrificed, its my time, money and every possible chance of me getting back with my ex. 

But its worth it. Any device that allows me to match up bouts like Arlovski/Silvia (we all know how that ended). Lesnar/Vera…I’m more than down. My only problem with the game is that you can’t do catch weight fights. Its impossible. So my dream of seeing Machida vs. Lesnar will have to wait. Now if only I knew how to create a Bobby Lashley character…

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