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Without a hint of irony, suspended TJ Dillashaw opens store called ‘Clean Juice’

Without a hint of irony, suspended TJ Dillashaw opens store called ‘Clean Juice’

The size of the balls on this guy, right? A rumored side effect of steroids is shrunken nuts, not TJ Dillashaw. If anything TJ Dill-dolla-dolla-bill-ashaw’s balls have grown tenfold.

This exactly like the scene from The Grinch, but instead of TJ’s heart growing his nut sack just expanded three sizes that day.

Not to the time debate the merits of just how evil USADA is but TJ? You’re suspended for two years bro. Sure open a free range organic vegan Juice Market. But why in the world would you name it Clean Juice?

Please redeem yourself by making some sort of snake emoji themed smoothie. It’s the only way to save yourself TJ. Like the name had to be already trademarked, social media accounts opened, and t-shirts + coffee mugs printed AND THEN TJ Dillashaw got busted by USADA.

That just has to be it.

Clean Juice? Just need to franchise this out to Jon Jones and then MMA can just close down because it will never be topped.

“Cheers to new endeavors, healthy bodies and strong spirits! 💚
We are thrilled to bring @cleanjuiceyorbalinda to Southern California this summer! Our store will be located at the new Yorba Linda Town Center. •
Orange County!! We are looking to hire management positions at @cleanjuiceyorbalinda! If you are interested in joining our team please submit your applications to [email protected]

Positions available:
General Manager (1-2 years of management experience required)
Assistant Manager

Funny thing is MiddleEasy is also hiring a Juicerista for our staff.

Lucky for TJ it’s not like MMA fans have nothing better to do than troll [email protected] with fake applications. Yup, nobody should do that and screen shot it.

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