Happy Holidays, Enjoy a UFC Recap of 2019

Custom UFC Recap image via MIDDLEEASY
Custom image via MIDDLEEASY

Relive the Best Moments of the UFC in 2019

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from everyone at Middle Easy. 2019 was bursting with some of the most extraordinary moments in UFC history. However, it was also linked to some of the darkest situations as well. From glorious returns such as Nate Diaz to glaring concerns that need to be cleaned up in the sport, its been a roller coaster of a ride. So, one of the most creative MMA content creators decided to showcase it all in an incredible UFC Recap.

Teep, one of the best MMA visual content creators alive, has provided everyone with a 2019 UFC recap. The video is packed with cornerstone moments that occurred in the UFC. While many stand out as majestic, Teep managed to sneak a few in that sailed over many fans heads.

Before enjoying the UFC Recap, Middle Easy would also like to take this moment to remember Aniah Blanchard. Although she is gone physically, her spirit shall remain engrained within the MMA community. And, Middle Easy sends their good wishes and condolences to Walt Harris and his family around the holidays.


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