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UFC Middleweight Musical Chairs: Jacare wants Weidman, Mousasi Wants Belfort

UFC Middleweight Musical Chairs: Jacare wants Weidman, Mousasi Wants Belfort

Despite a rocky start with injuries aplenty, UFC 187 delivered major action. But now that the last wing has been eaten and Donald Cerrone fans have recovered from their Budweiser hangover, it’s time to engage in more sober activities, like speculating on what future match-ups will come out of the results!

Every big event leaves us with answers and new questions. At light heavyweight, the future of the title picture is somewhat settled, thanks to Ryan Bader’s cringe-worthy antics and the looming specter of Jon Jones’s return (once he completes his…more sober activities). For the UFC middleweights, Joe Silva has a couple interesting decisions on his plate concerning last Saturday’s winner and loser.

Who will get the next shot at Chris Weidman’s belt? Luke Rockhold may be ranked as the number on contneder, but Jacare Souza has other ideas:

“There’s no doubt I’m next. I’m very confident, no matter what my ranking number is.  I’m undefeated in the UFC, it has been five straight wins so far. The man ahead of me has already been knocked out and that counts a lot.” said Jacare.

Shotsfried!. Mind you, this is like the umpteenth time Jacare Souza has made it known he’s ready for a title shot. Vitor Belfort’s defeat puts Jacrae in a particularly good light in the UFC’s eyes, since he feeds right into the “Brazilian Killer” narrative Weidman has put together over the past three years. Sorry, Rockhold, but at least you still have your sweet shredding skills.

Vitor Belfort, meanwhile, has no obvious future bouts, since Yoel Romero is booked to fight Lyoto Machida, and the rest of the Middleweight top five are either waiting for Weidman or waiting to see how long they’ll be suspended for. Enter Gegard Mousasi tweeting a solution:

While I’m not sure Belfort appreciates that “clean fight” snark, all I can say to this match-up is: yes, please. With Mousasi’s kickboxing background, we should get a chance to see Belfort at his machine-gun punching, spinning shit best, rather than his more recent outing as the PB&J in a Weidman-fist and canvas sandwich. Let’s make it happen, Joe Silva.

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