Video: Watch Korean Zombie Grapple Rener Gracie Last Summer While Gracie Breaks it Down

Our man Korean Zombie has been stolen away from us for years because of a mandatory military service. After that, he was pretty much MIA from the world. One of the few pieces of footage that surfaced before his UFC Houston fight was booked was this one featuring Chan Sung Jung rolling with Rener Gracie.

Just like most Gracie videos, Rener narrates over it the whole time explaining in way that a guy who has never grappled before can understand. He’s really complimentary of Zombie the whole time and it serves as a reminder that, while ol’ K-Zombs can bang with the best of him, he’s also slick as hell on the ground.

Speaking of sick ground game, of course Zombie is most known for his crazy hold he threw on Leonard Garcia. You can watch Rener Gracie breakdown of the famous Twister submission with Eddie Bravo as well.

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