UFC is suing Ubisoft over alleged trademark infringement

In an attempt to eventually place the UFC logo inside every strand of genetic code on this planet, ZUFFA has decided to sue videogame giant Ubisoft for alleged trademark infringement over their newly released Xbox 360 Kinect game, ‘Fighters Uncaged‘. In the game, you take on the role of an anonymous guy rocking a hoodie that gets in fights with strangely dressed people in exotic locations. All of this happens with the use of Xbox 360’s new peripheral, Kinect, which enables someone to effectively kick and punch air while looking like a person inflicted with schizophrenia by the untrained eye.

ZUFFA is suing Ubisoft over the use of the phrase ‘Become the ULTIMATE FIGHTING weapon’ which is boldly displayed on the product’s packaging. ZUFFA claims the term ‘Ultimate Fighting’ may be confused with their registered trademark used in previous UFC licensed games. The Las Vegas Sun has more on the lawsuit.

“Defendant’s invitation for players to ‘charge head first into the vicious world of illegal fighting’ tarnishes the goodwill Zuffa has in its UFC marks. Zuffa has grown a successful mixed martial arts organization by moving away from the image of mixed martial arts as illegal street fighting, and taking it into the realm of a legitimate sport. This was no easy task and required years and much effort to reach today’s legitimacy and widespread acceptance.”

ZUFFA is requesting that Ubisoft cease production of ‘Fighters Uncaged’ until the term ‘Ultimate Fighting’ is removed from the packaging and, of course, they are also seeking monetary compensation. If you want a piece of unintentional MMA history, go to your local Gamestop and scoop this game up, regardless of if you own an Xbox 360. You can then sell it on eBay a decade from now and hope that everyone remembers any of this. [Source]

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