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UFC Fighter James Krause Seems Unhappy with Pay and the Reebok Deal

UFC Fighter James Krause Seems Unhappy with Pay and the Reebok Deal

NEW YORK, New York, February 24, 2015 — When Dana White discussed ushering in a new era of the UFC with #TheTimeIsNow by signing an exclusive deal with Reebok there were a lot of concerns out there, but talk has died down a bit. No one has informed James Krause about the gag-order on insulting the new big dog in tow, though, because he vocalized some of his frustrations with the money situation in MMA with MMAFighting.

According to Krause he understands the kind of money that can be made in MMA, but tells the world that the Reebok deal has already cost him about $20,000 in sponsorship money from brands that saw the UFC sponsorship market as a sinking ship and got out before they were forced out. Krause is already looking to the future by running his own gyms, promotion and owning a Metro PCS franchise, but that Metro PCS money just isn’t going to cut it in the long run, is it?

Krause also explains how players in the NFL get paid a lot more than UFC fighters to sit on the bench all year, which begs the question of why one would go into a sport that doesn’t pay that well if they were just going to envy the NFL kicker down the line anyway, filled with regret.

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