UFC 211 in Review: Disgusting Facial Injuries and Stipe Miocic Owns the Heavyweight Division

Stipe Miocic was the real star at UFC 211 in Dallas. His first round TKO victory in the rematch over Junior Dos Santos solidified his legacy as the new generation of heavyweights. The best part of this victory is not the spectacular finish or how amazing the fight was. The best part is that we continue to watch Stipe Miocic do awesome stuff like break things in his garage with a slingshot. It will continue to baffle me that Stipe Miocic isn’t a bigger star in MMA. He’s a relatively young, handsome, American champion who is knocking legends of the sports out definitively. We isn’t the public at large getting behind this man?



Joanna Jędrzejczyk styled all over Jessica Andrade outclassing her during the course of all five rounds. The biggest take away though was the massive hematoma on Joanna Champy’s head. Damn. That’s some Ridley Scott shit right there.



Speaking of alien entities attempting to escape fighter’s faces, Frankie Edgar deformed Yair Rodriguez. The Mexican hype train forgot to golden rule of all 145 pound hype trains, never make a stop a Tom’s River, New Jersey. Good Lord did this poor kid get mauled by Edgar, who continues to proves that he still has all the enthusiasm necessary to make another title run.  Here is hoping that we eventually get that Edgar/McGregor fight that seems so possible not so long ago.

Anyway, be thankful you aren’t Yair this morning…



Dope Shit that Happened on the Prelims:

“Diamond” Dustin Poirier was on his way to the biggest win of his career, until Eddie Alvarez began mounting a comeback and immediately, blatantly, illegally kneed the shit out of Poirier’s head.



Jason “Hick Diaz” Knight broke Chas Skelly’s arm but Chas Kelly kept going, until this…


James Vick got a first round KO over Marco Polo Reyes then demanded that the UFC push him and give him real fights. Hot damn.


Chase Sherman kicked the fuck out of Rashad Coulter’s left leg and then proceeded to get into a Fight of the Night slug fest that ended with a brutal elbow KO.


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