Pic: The Real Fight of UFC 207 Was Hannibal Buress Trying to get Paid out on his Bet

Amanda Nunes isn’t the only person who won big at UFC 207. Comedian Hannibal Buress did not have faith in Ronda Rousey’s return, but he did in these choice ass bets he laid down. With the fat stacks he won, he’ll never have to wait for apple juice to go on sale if he feels the notion for beverage shopping spree. All you MMA gambling dudes need to start following Buress, not just for his funny observations on his general experiences in life, but on which dude or lady may beat the shit out of the other.

There’s only one problem: He didn’t get his money. Evidently, they thought that he had fake social security number. As if Hannibal Buress had some complex scheme where he goes and wins bets by chance with a fake identity but uses his real name to cash them in. That shit don’t make no sense, but neither did most stuff in 2016. Either way, Buress took to Twitter to put the Palms Casino on blast.

No update yet on if Buress ever got his money. Can we get odds on that? Meta-betting could be the next big thing. Fuck sports, let’s bet on people betting on sports, or maybe just on people in general. Not in-between you and your friends, but on strangers. Somebody please create that website. What’s the over under on Tom getting that big promotion at Home Depot?

Hey Palms, pay him his fucking money. I’ve got money riding on it.

UPDATE: Still no money.

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