UFC 180 in Mexico is Going to Be Lucha-Tastic

Oh my god.

So, look, the UFC is finally making a big push into Mexico and doing so with Cain Velasquez vs. Fabricio Werdum at the helm for the UFC Heavyweight Championship. This is absolutely a first for the UFC and will bring some of the local, Mexican culture along with it, even if the UFC isn’t exactly aware of it.

The UFC has such crazy control over their product where every place they go looks exactly the same. Show is in Germany? Looks like the MGM Grand shows. Show is in Japan? Looks like MGM Grand shows, too. The list could go on. The one thing that the UFC doesn’t really control are the athletic commissions (as much as they’d like to). On many international events they will have a branch of the UFC handle its own oversight, but in Mexico it will be handled by the Box y Lucha commission.

What is Box y Lucha? It’s a governing body that oversees professional boxing and yes, professional wrestling. You might know it by Lucha Libre, though. Lucha Libre is Mexican pro wrestling and is deeply embedded into Mexican culture, to where masked luchadores are commonplace in places that might not make sense to most of us.

Who is going to be overseeing UFC 180 for Box y Lucha? Fantasma. Fantasma is a luchadore and when he attends events to oversee them he wears his mask. Why? Because he never lost his mask in a mascara contra mascara (mask vs. mask) match, so his identity is a secret to the public. This is going to be absolutely incredible.

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