UFC 177 Hangover

UFC 177 was a card that a lot of people shit on. There were some good reasons. Injuries, problems with weight cuts, bathtubs knocking people out, fights being moved/cancelled. Not only that, it was going up against the first college football weekend of the year. Regardless of that, it was still a pretty entertaining night of scraps.

Dillashaw Worked Hard For the Money, So hard for it honey.

I didn’t know what to expect from this main event. All I know is that I wanted there to be some mayhem. Soto put up a great fight but of course Dillashaw prevailed with a 5th round TKO. This was a loss that only helped Soto’s stock. I mean it was way more impressive than if he starched whoever it was that he was supposed to fight last night.

If Castillo & Ferguson fought under prison rules, Castillo would totally be the winner.

Last Call & El Cucuy was a fun scrap, it was also a close scrap but the judges made the right call in awarding Ferguson the victory. Castillo was content to wet blanket his way to a victory it seemed and luckily the judges didn’t fall for it. I really thought Castillo was gonna cry in the post-fight interview as he complained about how he should of won because he “held a grown man down” and something along the lines of “if they were in prison, Ferguson would be in trouble.” Whatever you say Castillo, /rolls eyes.

Correia Continues to run through the 4 Horsewomen

Shayna Baszler is a women’s MMA pioneer and I totally thought she was going to leave the octagon last night with a W, Bethe Correia had other ideas. Correia was bigger, faster, stronger and put it on Baszler last night. Correia is now 9-0 in her career, 3-0 in the UFC and if I’m being honest. I still think Rousey handles her with relative ease. I like how ambitious she is though.

Carlos Diego Ferreira: TUF Finalist Killer

Something I’ve noticed is that Ramsey Nijem likes to rush towards fighters to put the pressure on. He paid for that last night. Ferreira still has to get some more victories under his belt, but so far so good for the kid.

Yancy’s his name, Fancy submissions are his game.

Short notice fight? Who the hell cares? Yancy doesn’t, that’s for sure. He showed off some of some crisp striking (not surprised, Nate Diaz was in his corner.) THEN he showed off a guillotine choke that turned into a bulldog choke when Damon Jackson tried to twist out of it. Jackson then had the look on his face like his soul completely left his body. I freaked out when I saw it live and I’ve watched it 9 times since then. So awesome.

Da Prelims

  • Derek Brunson took home a victory over Lorenz Larkin by dumping him on his ass and doing whatever he wanted. It wasn’t a pretty W but it was an effective W and frankly that’s all that matters. Man, remember when Larkin was the guy who beat up Robbie Lawler? Life comes at you fast people.
  • Anthony Hamilton saw that Ruan Potts didn’t really wanna stand up and fight much, so he tenderized his ribs (more like tried to punch a hole in his ribs) until the ref stopped it. That’s all that really needs to be said about this fight.
  • Long Island MMA kept rolling in 2014 when Chris Wade locked in a sick triangle/guillotine hybrid thing to beat Cain Carrizosa. I’m definitely looking forward to what else Wade is gonna give us.


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