Mike Tyson On Conor McGregor’s Apology: “He’s Going To Get Good Karma”

via @thenotoriousmma Instagram
via @thenotoriousmma Instagram

Mike Tyson Spoke On McGregor

Turns out, Ariel Helwani isn’t the only one buying Conor McGregor’s latest apologies. TMZ caught up with heavyweight boxing legend Mike Tyson as he strolled towards his SUV. Tyson spoke to TMZ about how he felt about McGregor’s words.

“Absolutely (in reference to Conor bouncing back from his recent troubles), he’s a wonderful person,” Tyson told TMZ as he made way to his car. “He’s a really kind man. He’s going to get good karma for that… I believe that.”

Tyson was speaking in reference to McGregor’s recent interview with Ariel Helwani of ESPN. Conor addressed his recent downfalls outside of the octagon and what he needs to do going forward to be a changed man.

McGregor and Tyson Share A Common Path

McGregor spoke of redemption, retribution, and respect as his main focus. The same attributes that Tyson spoke about when hoping he could earn back in the eyes of the world. Mike could certainly relate to McGregor as another combat sports athlete who rose to mega-stardom and suffered from inner demons taking over outside of competition.

It’s not a surprise that Tyson felt empathy for McGregor. And feeling judged by the world from run-ins with the law, but still feeling like immeasurable character resides deep within a good soul sounds similar to Iron Mike.

McGregor Could Return to Good Graces

Tyson’s co-sign could quite possibly assist in Conor’s reemergence toward the good graces of the masses. Ultimately, at the end of the day, fans will choose whether or not McGregor should be trusted in his statements. A checkered past seems to follow Conor because just when he believes he is on the right track moving forward, another incident surfaces.

Whether or not MMA members choose to believe in McGregor, pleading for forgiveness is step one of the processes of advancing onward. With an endless abundance of possible fights available for Conor, it seems the world is still his. Even in the midst of controversy.

If Conor screws his head on correctly as he stated, he could be king of the octagon once more instead of being king of negative headlines.

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