Tyron Woodley placed a megaton bomb on Josh Koscheck’s chin at UFC 167

Just prior to Woodley placing an improvised explosive device on Josh Koscheck’s face, I checked my phone and noticed that I had a text convo with Woodley back in July. He asked me a question and I told him I would send him something, but unfortunately months later I never sent it. Supreme bummer, you guys. I’m not going to tell you what it was, but it could have been really cool for MiddleEasy and Tyron Woodley.

Since I was four months late responding to him, I just texted him back with ‘IMPRESSIVE knockout! Nice job, playa.’ It was the best I could do. Besides, if you had Woodley’s phone number you would tell him roughly the same thing after what transpired at UFC 167.

Throughout the fight it just appeared that Woodley’s strikes were far more precise and powerful and it paid off when Woodley connected an illustrious right hook that dropped Koscheck and then he followed it up with the same right hook as Josh was eventually making his way to the mat. Now let’s watch the .gif compliments of Zprophet.

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