Tyron Woodley gives up trying to get a fight with Georges St-Pierre, starts training with GSP at Tristar

Tyron Woodley Georges St-pierre

Just another sign Georges St-Pierre is off some where dinosaur hunting. Per Tyron Woodley the GSP back to the UFC dream is over. Say hello to St-Pierre becoming Turok: Dinosaur Hunter and him just being another training partner.

Appearing on The Ariel Helwani Show featuring Ariel Helwani, Woodley announced he is now totally friends with Georges St-Pierre. This is not your friend’s girlfriend in Canada situation. MiddleEasy can 99% confirm Woodley knows GSP in real life. Really hope T-Wood is not making this up.

The next step in the evolution of Tyron Woodley is to train with GSP and learn from his GOAT aura. Always support top level fighters working with one another. Form that super team and step out side your comfort zone. A former UFC welterweight champion getting to work with the Greatest Of All Time is a smart move by Woodley.

Maybe GSP can even teach Woodley about the ways of aliens and dinosaurs if there is time. Don’t know if there is going to be time.

Plus Woodley gets a fresh set of eyes and minds on his fight game through the top shelf coaches at Tristar.

“It’s obvious we won’t be fighting anymore, so why not train with the best welterweight of all time?”

Woodley added.

“I will be training with Georges St-Pierre. We will not fight; that’s very obvious. I’m eager to train. I’m eager to learn.”

Sounds like something, someone who knows and trains with GSP would say. Story checks out. Plus GSP and Woodley can now bond about all the times Dana White threw them under the bus.

Really impressed by your performance here Tyron Woodley.

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