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Tyron Woodley Claims Colby Covington Turned Down Fight for the 5th Time

Tyron Woodley Claims Colby Covington Turned Down Fight for the 5th Time

Tyron Woodley Says Colby Covington Turned Down Fight for the 5th Time

Almost a month ago, former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley proposed the idea of fighting Colby Covington. Tyron expressed the idea on his Instagram account. During the conversation, he said that he wanted to face Colby regardless of the location of the event. Shortly afterward, Covington responded saying that he would like to face Woodley on the White House lawn. But, now Woodley is saying that Covington was all talk, and turned down the fight.

During his last IG live, he primarily stated that Colby is just throwing his name out yo fight for attention. He believed that Covington doesn’t truly want to fight and that if he does, Tyron would accept the bout under any circumstances.

Woodley Says Colby Turned Down Fight

Tyron recently appeared on the webcast version of the Helwani MMA show via ESPN. During the conversation, Woodley stated that Colby turned down down their highly anticipated bout once again. This time marked the 5th time, according to Tyron. Jed Goodman reported the news via Twitter.

“Woodley says this is the 5th time Covington has declined the fight. Says he dropped the ball again last night,” wrote Goodman on Twitter.

It’s tough for fans to understand who to believe in Tyron and Colby’s ongoing war of words. If somewhere were to ask Covington, he would say that he is ready to fight at all times. Woodley would say the same. However, when it comes time for the fight to be official, it quietly never happens.

Choosing a Side

Both men always blame each other. In the past, UFC President Dana White publically stated that Covington turned down a fight with Welterweight champion Kamaru Usman. So, maybe that could be an indicator on which fighter is telling the truth.

Regardless, the fight definitely won’t be taking place at UFC 249. So hopefully it happens in the near future.

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