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Two Beatles + One Banana + One Rin Nakai = One STRANGE video from Japan

Two Beatles + One Banana + One Rin Nakai = One STRANGE video from Japan

I’m always very hesitant to call things weird, because I myself would be considered weird by many of my peers and family members. Going to family parties with cuts and bruises from a concert isn’t easy to describe to your family, explaining to them that it’s okay to get punched in the face at a show and it wasn’t done with the intent to hurt you, is quite weird to them. Waking everyone up in my house at 6 AM when Peter Aerts defeated Semmy Schilt is quite weird to everyone who was awoke by my screams of joy. With that being said, I literally have no other choice but to call this weird.

I’ve followed Pancrase’s series of Rin Nakai for a long time now. They’ve always been a little different to say the least but interesting nonetheless. But this one is just strange, I have so many questions without any answers. Why are there beatles climbing over a banana? Why is Rin Nakai wearing nothing but a piece of cloth loosely draped over her? Why are the beatles hanging off of this cloth? Why does she try to make the two beatles kiss at the end of the video? What is the significance to all of this? Who is filming this and why is it being filmed?

I need answers, seeing as I don’t speak Japanese, I can’t decipher what Rin Nakai says at the beginning of the video. Maybe she explains the meaning of all of this? I don’t know, but I will not rest until I find out what all these means.

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