Twitter: Colby Covington Spoils Star Wars and MMA Collective Says “Fuck You, Colby” (No Spoilers)

In a rare move of career suicide, Colby Covington decided to spoil Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

***Just to be clear we will not be embedding his post here as to save you from spoilers.  If you want to see what he wrote, it’s here.***

A certain percentage of MMA fans have always enjoyed a great heel, but this was a step too far. Colby Covington ruining something as sacred to internet culture as Star Wars was a grave miscalculation. And, it’s one that will probably haunt him for the rest of his career. Spoiling Star Wars goes beyond heel behavior. It’s anti-human.

Now, no one even wants to see him get beaten up. He has become a sad, stupid man. Colby Covington has become the best modern argument for resurrecting the tradition of throwing rotten food at people. The only proper retribution for this is having small children mashing rotten tomatoes in his face for hours.

Here are some reactions to Colby being a complete dipshit:

We highly encourage people to report his Twitter account for whatever violations you want to come up with. Fuck his dumbass Twitter account, and fuck him.

Update: Colby Covington either deleted his post or Twitter deleted it for him. To reiterate, fuck Colby Covington.

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