Former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard Defends Joe Rogan: “He’s The Nicest, Most Generous, Humble Guy”

Former rep. Tulsi Gabbard has nothing but good things to say about Rogan.

Gabbard Rogan
Gabbard Rogan

Joe Rogan doesn’t just have the support of a UFC Champion, he also has the backing of a popular politician.

Tulsi Gabbard Vouches For Joe Rogan

Former congresswoman, and presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard is the latest person to defend the UFC commentator amid quite the controversies. Rogan would be slammed by ‘cancel culture’, who attempt to silence the podcaster for using the N-word multiple times and spreading ‘misinformation’ regarding COVID-19.

The ongoing cancellation of Rogan wouldn’t sit well with the former representative, Gabbard. She’d show a ton of support to Rogan among these surrounding issues. 

“He’s the nicest, most generous, humble guy,” Gabbard told MMA Junkie. “I think he’s done the right thing in addressing these issues that have come up very directly, very honestly and has been very ready to admit how can he be better and apologizing. I think it’s what we would hope to get from from anyone really, and I think how not only a lot of the kind of corporate response has been, but also frankly the White House inserting itself into trying to cancel Joe Rogan points to the bigger issue, which is really the attempts by the power elite trying to silence and cancel people who dare to question the establishment narrative, who dare to maybe hold a different view.”

Decisions, Decisions

Gabbard would defend Rogan, citing people should be able to make their own decisions. She’d also share the same sentiment with musicians, Neil Young and Joni Mitchell, who made the decision to leave Spotify due to Rogan’s controversial podcast episodes. 

While she believes people should left to their own decisions, she does not think people should shun Rogan for his past choices.

“Neil Young is free to do whatever he wants,” Gabbard said. “The decisions that anyone makes or, you know, the decision that Spotify has made to keep Joe Rogan, I mean, people are free to make their own decisions.”

“People shouldn’t be canceled for one decision or another, and the attacks on Joe Rogan from all of these different directions, starting with kind of conversations about COVID and the science of the vaccines and the different things, but it’s progressed beyond that, which really just shows from the beginning that this has been a very concerted attempt to try to deplatform him. And again, Joe Rogan is only one example. He is certainly not the only voice that has been kind of punished in this way.”

Adding On

Gabbard would continue to climb up the ladder regarding this controversy. She’d touch up on free speech and why Rogan should be allowed to express how he feels and allow others to on his podcast.

“Joe Rogan is very transparent about who he is and the fact that these conversations he has are because he likes to learn and he likes to have interesting conversations,” Gabbard said. “He doesn’t pretend to be a journalist. He’s not pretending to be anything or anyone other than who he is. The beauty of free speech in America is exactly that – that whether you’re someone with the YouTube channel or you’re vlogging or you’ve got a podcast, you have the opportunity to say what you feel, voice your opinions.”

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