Tai Tuivasa Roasts Greg Hardy on Instagram After Knocking Him Out: ” I’ll come there and smack your other eye”

Tai Tuivasa took to social media to enjoy his knockout over Greg Hardy and roast him in numerous posts to all of his fans and supporters

Image of Tai Tuivasa and Greg Hardy via Twitter
Image of Tai Tuivasa and Greg Hardy via Twitter

Tai Tuivasa is relishing his knockout victory over Greg Hardy at UFC 264. Subsequently, Tuivasa took to social media to roast Hardy in the process, adding insult to injury. 

Hardy’s UFC career started rough and was full of controversy. Dana White introduced Hardy from the very minute; fans were hesitant to support him due to his past domestic violence accusations. Even now, fans are very vocal about their disdain for Hardy. However, he continues to push forward to accomplish all of his goals. 

Due to those reasons, fans of the sport were embarrassingly anticipating a Hardy knockout. At UFC 264, they finally got their wish. 

Hardy stepped into the octagon against Tuivasa with plans to knock him out. Unfortunately, he was on the other end of those expectations. Both men stood toe to toe, slugging away at each other with vicious hooks and uppercuts. 

Hardy appeared to hit Tai and rock him on the feet. However, Tuivasa continued to press forward and eventually landed a big shot that sent Hardy to the canvas, out cold. 

Tai Tuivasa Roasts Greg Hardy After Knocking Him Out

After the big win, Tuivasa made a trademark “shoey” in celebration of the success. And afterward, he took to social media to roast Greg for his previous encounters with the law, as well as rubbing in the knockout. 

“chicken dance bruuuh,” wrote Tai on social media. “Hahaha imma leave this here and let you fink about some fings ok ! Or I’ll come there and smack your other eye you eyeguy. Talk to much end up on your back. I’m a man I hit back uce.”

“Ok I’m putting my phone away now !!! But don’t talk shit after I already f***ed you up !!! Can meet up whenever wherever my bred,” he finished in another post.

Fueling the Rivalry

It seems like the rivalry between both men doesn’t plan on ending anytime soon. Even after Tuivasa was able to score a knockout victory. Perhaps both men will face each other again in the future.

For now, Hardy will, unfortunately, have to catch each joke thrown from Tai. 

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