Travis Browne dominates brendan schaub, Schuab talks crap

Brendan Schaub, half unconscious and eating shots from a massive, bearded man, looked up at the lights that were blocked out by a great, hairy, Hawaiian eclipse, and talked shit. With each word, blood spilled out of his mouth, and his soul leaked from his being just a little more. 

Travis Browne is back on track. That track being that he’s viciously knocking out fellow heavyweights. 

Browne had Schaub’s number from the beginning of this one, with his only negative mark being a takedown given up to Schaub that he worked up from immediately. Browne vs Arvloski? Ben Rothwell? Who? I don’t even know. Winner of JDS/Miocic?

We’ll get you a replay once we find one. Thanks, bae.

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