Travis Browne discusses beard care and switching up camps with us in this video

A razor hasn’t touched my face in over twelve years. This is the honest truth and I’d have it no other way. I don’t like shaving, so my life has been filled with jobs where I can get away with either having some stubble or a full-on beard. Some people think that the beard-growing trend going around right now is just that – a trend. While it may be for some, it’s a way of life for me. I’ve currently been growing my current beard since July 2013, and while sometimes it gets in my soup while I’m trying to eat, I love it and it’s my companion and friend. 

Layzie The Savage didn’t ask Travis Browne if his beard gets in his soup, but he did ask some of my other beard care questions, and then discussed Travis Browne’s camp switch from Jackson’s to Glendale Fighting Club. 

Check it.

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