Tony Ferguson ‘Barely’ Got UFC To Pay Hospital Bill From Justin Gaethje Fight

Tony Ferguson previews his upcoming fight with Beneil Dariush, and says that the UFC tried to avoid paying his insurance from the fight with Justin Gaethje

Tony Ferguson
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When he walked away from his fight with Justin Gaethje, Tony Ferguson had taken a hellacious beating. However he says that the UFC tried to avoid paying the insurance bill for damages suffered in this fight.

It goes without saying that Ferguson is one of the toughest fighters to ever compete in the UFC’s Octagon. Many times throughout his 12-fight winning streak, he was forced to come back from adversity to secure the win after getting hurt.

Even now, despite being on a two-fight skid, Tony never goes out without a fight. That was seen in both of those losing efforts, but in particular the way that he kept standing through all the punishment dished out by Justin Gaethje is something to behold.

UFC Did Not Want To Pay For Tony Ferguson

While it is impressive to see how tough Tony Ferguson was in his losing effort to Justin Gaethje, he still took a lot of punishment in that fight. It had people concerned for his longterm health, given how many strikes he took and how busted up his face looked.

However as he explained in a recent interview, El Cucuy almost had to foot the bill for the subsequent hospital stay, himself. Apparently he had some problems getting the UFC to cover the expenses from getting treated by doctors for the damages accrued in this contest.

“I just barely got the insurance bill paid for my fight over in Jacksonville. I’m not even trying to b—ch about it,” Ferguson explained.

“I’m bleeding everywhere else and getting my bones crushed and all this other s—t, and sitting in the hospital where my wife is crying her ass off, and we’re trying to figure out if I’m going to have to have surgery or not, and my f—king bill won’t get paid? No, we’ve got issues now.”

Ferguson goes on to explain that he finally got things taken care of, after reaching out to higher management. However he had to take matters into his own hands to make it happen.

“When it comes to a lot of these things that you’re counting on getting taken care of, it’s a little bit hard. But I did make a phone call to the highest one, and check this out, it got handled quick. That’s what I can count on,” Ferguson continued.

“The UFC, when they took care of my stuff, I haven’t had a bill since then. But it takes communication, and instead of me being all whiney about it, I f—king did what? I made the phone call, I texted, I was open about it. I handled it like a professional and handled it very well.”

Beneil Dariush Can’t Be Overlooked

Now Tony Ferguson has moved on from his two consecutive defeats, and he is looking to get back on track with a win over Beneil Dariush at UFC 262. This is an important fight for him, and he is taking Beneil very seriously as a threat.

“The guy’s an OG dude, he’s been doing the game for a long time. He’s over in Huntington Beach with Rafael Cordeiro. He’s a southpaw, he’s very strong on his left side, he’s very game at mixing it up. So that’s why I’ve been mixing my s—t up, because it got too one-dimensional,” Tony said.

“Right now I’m hungry as f—k, and I’m really back on it. I’m mixing it up really, really well, better than a blender.”

While Beneil is on a six-fight winning streak, he has not faced some of the names that Tony Ferguson has. That said, El Cucuy knows that he is in for a tough night at the office, and has nothing but respect for his upcoming foe.

“He’s a good fighter. I want to be real, he’s solid. You can’t overlook Beneil. I’m strong as f—k though. I’m solid too,” Ferguson said.

“I’m on a different level right now. I’m staying consistent with it. Beneil, he’s going to be doing his thing. I guarantee you he’s going to be working his ass off, but it’s not going to change what I’m doing. I’m back on it like how everybody knew me before the Ultimate Fighter.”

How do you think Tony Ferguson will do against Beneil Dariush?

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