Tony Ferguson Praises His ‘F*cking Fighting Style Is Genius’

Tony “El Cucuy” Ferguson ranked No.2 in combat sports. Both Kevin Lee and Tony got a lot of time to know each other before the fight. UFC 216 is happening tonight; Tony Ferguson faces off Kevin Lee for the interim lightweight championship title on Pay-Per-View. Earlier this week, Kevin Lee spoke to media and discussed the “El Cucuy” unique fighting style as well mentioned his mindset is all that led him to success:(by MMA fighting)

“With him, it’s not even so much of a technical thing. It’s his mindset that drives him through a lot of these fights,” Lee said. “He’s in the fights, he’s getting hurt, but he comes back and he’s hurting other guys, and he’s able to weather them storms. So I’m going to bring a hurricane to his ass, and I don’t think he’ll be able to weather it. I think the first round is going to go terrible for him, the second round is going to go terrible for him, all the way through the fifth.
“I feel like I’m built for five rounds, I’ve always said it. I think all my fights should be five rounds. So from here on out, they will be, because I’m a smarter fighter. I go back to the corner, I reassess. If I have a tough round, I start the next one and it’s going to be smart, so the more time I get in between the corners, the stronger that I’m going to get, the more I’m able to dissect guys, and you see it in all of my fights.”

With no Surprise, Ferguson laughed at that criticism and said his fighting style f*cking too genius and given his success, the proof will appear in the fight result.

“It’s very intellectual. The reason why you guys say it’s weird is because you don’t understand it,” Ferguson said. “It’s f*cking genius. Let me tell you, it’s so far past your guys’ heads it’s not even funny, because this is the next stage in everybody’s evolution. I’ve been working on this since 2008; actually, before that. I said I had a double doctorate in athletics, I’m working on my triple.”

Tony Ferguson reply to Lee’s criticism that the Interim title on the line for UFC 216 represented the real UFC lightweight belt which is held by Conor Mcgregor. Ferguson said Lee has no right to make such claims.

“Whatever he’s going to think, if it’s the real lightweight title or whatever it is, this kid hasn’t earned the right to talk,” Ferguson said. “Not one bit.
“You guys deserve a better me, man. I’m primed. I’m the best. But it’s hard when you’ve got a knucklehead like Kevin Lee that wants to just keep pushing that button. So for me, I have to be a captain of the team, and this guy wants my spot on that team. He wants that varsity spot. So I’m going to treat it like it’s a competition, not a fight. I’m going to go in there and give him a T.F. — an old Tony Ferguson technical fall. I’m going to outpoint him then I’m going to pin him.”

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