Tonight’s episode of Inside MMA may be the most ballerish panel in history

Individually, I’ve talked to all these guys on Twitter which means I have some unadulterated emotional connection with them. I mean, that is the point of all this social networking stuff, to feel as if we know all these guys. A few years ago I had a theory that referring to an ‘instant messenger’ service as ‘IM’ is actually altering your own perception of reality. To say ‘Hey IM me’ is the linguistic equivalent of saying ‘Hey, I am me’. Saying ‘IM me back’ would be the same as saying ‘I am me, back’. Back from what? Social networking is screwing with your reality, one message at a time. Perhaps as we build a stronger connection with strangers, we lose sense of ourselves. Maybe that’s the point…or maybe I need to stop hanging out with Eddie Bravo.

Mark Cuban, Mayhem Miller and Joe Rogan will be on tonight’s episode of Inside MMA on HDNet and they will be verbally banging against New York Assemblyman, Bob Reilly. Now this is when you call up your television provider, slam the phone against the wall a few times and tell them you will decapitate a small mammal if they don’t immediately start carrying HDNet. Just kidding about the whole ‘murder an innocent animal thing’. We love furry creatures, as evidenced by our superfluous coverage of Clay Guida. MiddleEasy has nothing against animals, we love them. PETA even advertises with us.

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