Tonight! MiddleEasy hosts Fire Pro Wrestling’s Superchat Fight League (an e-league for the rest of us)

What is Superchat Fight League? Great question. A small, Iowan fight club has gone on to grow immensely over the last few years. What began as a hybrid kickboxing league in EA UFC 2 has evolved into an e-league with a growing membership of degenerates and pathetic men. boasting over 70 fighters on the roster, Superchat Fight League bounces around rulesets to keep its fighters busy. Kickboxing one evening, lightbulb deathmatch the next. Battle Royale the next, and so on.

Now, Sunday morning (or late Saturday night after the UFC), SCFL is hosting one of its biggest events ever as three titles are on the line. the DOT TV title will be defended, Hulk Hogan’s illegitimate son will defend his MMA title after a long week of basketball and wrestling, and the kickboxing world title will be decided.

Most shockingly — the Alt-Right leader Ichabod Adams is denying Boxing Bianchi his rightfully-earned title shot, so will fight the Bianchi family alongside his Alt-Right/free speech activist/historian friends.

Here’s the full card. Viewers can vote on some matches and their ruleset (the digital equivalent to bringing a weapon ringside).

1. Opener Scramble: Gordon Kuntz vs Freddy Fischer vs Aladdin Bell vs Shelton Morgan vs Picaporte vs Vector Wang
2. Singles Match: Gene Greene vs Credit Lewis
3. Hardcore barbed wire lightbulb deathmatch: DuBois vs Maniac Missouri
4. Singles: Karate Hendrix vs October Schmidt
5. Tag Team: Until/Both vs Captain/Algorithm
6. Dot TV Title Match: Offers Thompson vs Meete Mein
7. Hardcore exploding ring deathmatch: Zoning Zhang vs Blowhole Bernard
8. Tag Team: Miles/Jacques vs Cheesesteak/Suzuki
9. S-1 Title: Gorvis vs Choochai (kickboxing)
10. Gruesome Title: Gary Bollea (C) vs Blaster Robinson (MMA)
11. Singles: Gyro vs Sledding
12. Trios: Ichabod/Petrov/Bell vs Boxing/Ito/Esposito

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