Tomorrow Reportedly to Be the Unveiling of the UFC Uniform Deal

The Time Was Now, now the time was then and the actual time for “the time” will apparently be tomorrow. Confused yet? Because from what we’ve heard since the UFC’s big “The Time is Now” press conference that was to feature a big announcement but featured no announcement at all was to be the unveiling of the UFC’s uniform deal. That didn’t work out though, did it?

It’s been the worst-kept-secret in the MMA world since then and now, according to Dethrone, tomorrow will be the announcement of said deal. The deal isn’t with them, though, it’s with Reebok.

<center><blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” lang=”en”><p>Heard uniform announcement coming tomorrow. We were never about all looking the same. We&#39;ll stay that way, thanks. <a href=””>#goodluckreebok</a></p>&mdash; Dethrone Royalty (@dethrone) <a href=”″>December 2, 2014</a></blockquote>

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According to intrepid reporter Jeremy Brand we can expect this to be the end of sponsorships as we know it, meaning that fighters will now get a percentage of merchandise sales. That will be good for the big name fighters, but for fighters on the undercard they will see massive, massive hits. This will also change the landscape for MMA apparel brands not named Reebok who — by the look of it — will be locked out from the UFC entirely.

It’s almost like the UFC is pushing these brands into Viacom’s loving and still open arms, isn’t it?

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