Todd Duffee is the most interesting thing about UFC 181?

This morning I woke up in my Crocop shorts and Shogun shirt. If it sounds like that was a surprise to me, you’re not wrong. I went to a holiday party last night and it appears that drunk me wanted hungover me to be totally ready to mixed martial arts today. Although reports from my wife remain unverified, one theory is that drunk me put on all of my fighter gear and had a very one-sided argument and shadow boxing match with Reebok in the bathroom mirror.

 As I surveyed my outfit, the first thought that wasn’t a question that popped into my head was, “Hey, Todd Duffee is fighting tonight!” (Though that could also be a question.) On an amazing card with two title fights, a heavyweight contender, two brothers, and one Uriah Faber, the most interesting dude is a guy who has won two fights in the UFC. Duffee is the only unknown quantity on a card of fights that otherwise make so much sense that there are not many interesting angles to ponder. While his career has been exciting, bizarre, a bummer, and slightly tragic, somehow I feel like he’s getting a second chance to make a first impression tonight. 

Fortunately, it’s not hard to get hyped up for a Todd Duffee fight because his UFC highlight reel is 7 seconds long. So let’s watch this gif on repeat and remember that this is what Todd Duffee was supposed to be doing on repeat for the last 5 years and then see tonight if he still has the Hulk Smash potential that he had back in 2009.





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